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2016– 2017 WSHS Band Season

Dear Viking Band Members and Parents

Congratulations and welcome to the award winning WSHS Marching Band. This is already shaping up to be another fantastic year!!

Let me begin by explaining the much needed but super boring stuff…FORMS… In order to participate in the marching band, all members must fill out and turn in the required forms as well as pay the fees associated with being a member of the marching band. A description of each of the forms is attached and can be found via the link on the band website:

You are strongly encouraged to attend one of the two registration nights offered by the Band Booster Executive Board; see booster emails or calendar for dates.

If you are unable to attend either registration night, please email me at so I can add you to the roster and keep an eye out for your forms and payment as they will need to be mailed to us. The address for mailing the forms and payment is: WSHS Band Boosters, PO Box 1700, Woodbridge, VA 22195. We also offer payment of the fees via PayPal (click on home page donaton link) on the band’s website. Please be advised that it is county policy that requires each participating student to have the required forms on file. If the forms are not provided to us, then you will not be permitted to participate.

The primary mission of the Band Booster Executive Board is to make the entire band program a rewarding and fun experience. The band program does not just consist of marching band and guard, but also includes, all sit down bands (varsity, concert, and symphonic), indoor drumline, and winter guard. In order for each program to be successful, we ask that each parent/student participate in fundraising. Without fundraising, we would not be able to financially make ends meet nor would we be able to offer you the quality instruction you receive throughout the year. Fundraising also provides you with another way to help pay your band fees, attire purchases, lessons, and etc., as we set up student accounts for each person who participates in fundraising. The student account funds can be used for anything music related so it is very beneficial for you to participate in all fundraising activities.

Without the excellent support of the parents, we would not be able to host a few of the competitions the students have grown to love. We host a marching band competition in the fall and if selected, we host an indoor drumline/winter guard competition in March. Both of these competitions require 100% participation from the students and parents. The competitions also allow you to see how your hard work pays off and parents that can’t always be at the regular competitions are able to see and value your efforts.

The Band Booster Executive Board understands the financial challenge is more than some families can handle even with fundraising. It is the school’s desire and the Executive Board’s policy that no student is left out of Marching Band solely for financial reasons. For more information, please contact the band director or an Executive Board officer.

The general members of the band boosters are the ones who actually make everything work well for the marching band, but the support does not stop there. As mentioned earlier, the boosters also support the indoor winter season and sit down bands. Volunteers are always needed and valued. Please get involved by volunteering to help with the pit crew, chaperoning, spirit wear sales booth, and everything having to do with the uniforms (collecting, distributing, hemming, measuring, washing, and etc.). Don’t be scared!! There are a lot of nice people willing to pass on their extensive knowledge on the “how toos” of the band programs.

If you have any questions, please reach out to any officer of the Executive Board. We love to get to know the parents as well as the students.

Welcome aboard everyone and hang on, because this roller coaster ride is about to take off!!

With Viking Pride!!

Julee Stratten
WSHS Band Booster President
With Pride!

Download Links to Forms

1. The Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form. The physical portion must be filled out by a physician. All five parts must be filled out and every signature block signed.

2. Attached to the Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form is the VHSL medical insurance form. This form is required if your student will be participating in any sport after/during marching band. For example, if your student will swim for WSHS, then the form needs to be turned in.

3. Medical Release Form. This form is in addition to the physical and must be signed by the student’s parent/guardian and witnessed by a notary. It will inform the band of any student medical conditions and allow the student to be administered any over the counter medications. Without this form completed no over the counter medication can be dispensed. If your student gets a headache or upset stomach at a competition, on a trip or even at band camp, this form will allow the band nurse to give your student Tylenol or Tums, for example. The band does respect individual parental desires and is not trying to require parental consent to provide any form of medication to your student.

4. Medication Authorization Form. This form is a Prince William County form which must be filled out to allow the band nurse to administer either prescription or over the counter medication to band students. The prescription portion of the form must be signed by your physician. Without this form completed no prescription medication can be dispensed. For any trip or away competition, all medications, both prescription and over the counter, will be kept by the band nurse.

5. Prince William County Extracurricular Activity Form. This is a school board required form.

6. WSHS Marching Band Commitment Form. This form commits your student to participating in Marching and commits you to both Marching Band and uniform fees. Because Marching Band requires substantial funding and early commitments of money for competitions and trips, we need to know who will be in the Marching Band.

7. WSHS Band Booster Membership Form. It is important that parents join the band boosters. We are a very effective voice with the administration and we need your support. This form will allow you to indicate where you can help in the many areas needed to either conduct marching band performances or raise funds. Most of the jobs are easy and of limited duration. Also, it is very important that email addresses be provided to us, if available, and updated as they change. Most of our communication will be via email in the coming school year. A particularly easy way to defray costs for your student is by working at the Patriot Center. Notification of Patriot Center opportunities will be made primarily by email.